Schedule Your Inspection

The Process

Home purchase can be an emotional taxing event. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable beginning or addition to a real estate portfolio that only grows in value and use. ClearSpect is a good choice, good help and good end to see you through every nook and cranny.

Real Estate Guidance

Our task at ClearSpect is in working with the buyer and the buyer's agent. All reporting is for the buyer's intel in making a well educated decision. All information gathered during the inspection process is soley the property of the buyer to share with whomever needed. 

Peace of Mind

ClearSpect is your property inspection team for peace of mind, to help you be at ease and in control. If it's going to be inspected, then ClearSpect it. The cost is painless usually averaging between $250 to $350 for most properties and even less with special discounts. Be sure to take advantage of Summer Arrival Mystery Discount for June 1 through July 15. Once you book, your mystery discount will be credited.

You can pay with the above credit and bank debit/visa/master cards and cash at completion of inspection. If need be, you can pay by invoice over email.